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Digital Stamps

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The world of Digi Stamps has been an absolute game changer for me! First of all it has greatly reduced the amount of space my crafty items take up in the house (although I do still love my physical stamps!) and they tend to be more cost efficient than physical stamps, which has been greatly appreciated in a time where all my money is going into house renovations.

I enjoy using my Cricut Design Space to play around with the digital stamps, creating scenes and designs before hitting print and of course you have the option of resizing Digi Stamps, which is not possible with physical stamps.

When I first stepped into the Digi Stamp world, I had no idea where to begin! Where do I look, what do I search, who creates Digi Stamps?! I found myself scrolling endlessly on Etsy and typing #digistamp into instagram to discover artists and I only came across one blog that provided an easy to go through list of quite a few Digi Stamp artists. Therefore, I thought it would be great to create a list of my own, based on the artists/companies I have discovered to hopefully help you on your digital stamp journey! So let's not waste anymore time and let's start exploring the world of Digital Stamps!

Isabel Cristina

IsabelCristinaStamps | Etsy UK

Perfect if you like: Super cute critters (especially Bunnies and Unicorns) and need a variety of stamps for all occasions

Isabel is a well-established Digital Stamp artist who has an endless variety of digital stamp sets for all occasions. From Jungle themes to Ocean themes, unicorns to the infamous bunnies, library scenes to Magical Forest scenes, Isabel really does have it all! It is also super easy to mix and match the different sets together to create your own unique scenes.

What I enjoy with Isabel Cristina stamps is how the sets are provided. Each set always contains an 'Easy to Print Page' and also individual images in 3 different formats (jpg, png and png with white background). Each set contains such a variety of images that the design possibilities are endless!

Bonus: Isabel has started offering digital patterned paper sets!

Janes Doodles

Jane's Doodles (

Perfect if you like: Super cute images (especially Mice), flowers and stamps for a variety of occasions

Jane is no stranger to the paper craft world! Jane has been providing us with super cute clear stamps for a while now but has recently started to offer Digi Stamps in her shop - Yay! The Digi Stamp offering is still a work in progress but there are already so many to choose from.

Jane sells both singular digi stamps (one image) and sets (multiple images) varying in price to suit all budget requirements. The Digi Stamp sets come as one file, so I just crop out the images and saved them as individual files for easy use :)

Rachelle Anne Miller

Rachelle Anne Miller Digital Stamps, Art Prints, and Birthday Cards – Rachelle Anne Miller Creative Studios

Perfect if you like: Beautiful whimsical stamps

If you are into whimsical stamps then look no further! No really! Rachelle has all the magical and fairytale-like images for you create beautiful cards. I enjoy Rachelle's mix of having both critters and humans in one image to create magical scenery and what I really enjoy most about Rachelle's stamps is the 'sketch-like' artistic style of her images, which really add to that whimsical feel.

Rachelle's stamps come in both a black line version and a no-line version (which I have still to try out!) and are sold as single stamps with bundle options available :)

Graciellie Designs

Graciellie Design Digital Stamps & Papers for Cardmaking - Graciellie Design Digital Stamps

Perfect if you like: Floral images, coffee, sweet treats and uplifting sentiments

If you are looking for a Digi Stamp artist that does it all, then look no further than to Graciellie, who has everything you could need for your Digi stamp projects, including digi patterned paper packs and SVG cut files :)

Graciellie has such an extensive collection of stunning floral images and her stamp sets are accompanied by beautiful and heartfelt sentiments, making them perfect for creating cards to give to a loved one. Graciellie stamps come in mini sets, mega sets and bundles and the images in each set come individually as a png format.

Lee Holland Art

leehollandart | Etsy UK

Perfect if you like: Cute Dragons and Critters for all occasions

If you are looking for a Dragon for absolutely any occasion, then Lee has you covered. These cute dragons can help celebrate Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Spring, Halloween, Autumn, Valentines and so much more! However, if dragons aren't your thing, Lee also has an extensive offering of super cute animals, some of my favs being the pandas and the sloths!

All digi stamps come in jpeg format and are available as a single image or in a bundle.

Lee really has an enormous collection of Digi Stamps, so make sure you have some free some time to truly browse through the entire collection! It will definitely be worth your time.

Oddball Art

SHOP | Ontario | Oddball Art Co. by Lizzy Love

Perfect if you like: Creepy but Super Cute at the same time!

I came across Oddball Art digi stamps not too long ago and instantly fell in love with the whole vibe of their images - 100% creepy yet 100% cute! From humans to ice creams to bats to cats, Oddball has a fantastic range of images to suit a multitude of occasions.

In Oddballs mission statement, I really love the explanation behind the design of their images: "I believe everyone has a story to tell in the art & crafts they make and not necessarily always a 'cute' one". These stamps are perfect for those who love dark humour or appreciate a bit of creepiness in their handmade cards.

Stamps come in both a jpeg and png format.

Streamside Studios

Streamside Studios - Etsy

Perfect if you like: Woodlands scenery, Mushrooms and images with lots of coordinating sentiments

Streamside Studios is the perfect place to stop when you need one place that will give you everything. From Mermaids to Yetis to Dino-corns to robots, there isn't one theme Streamside has not thought of! I truly love the versatility of the designs offered as I feel each stamp set is so different to the other. That is not to say that the sets cannot be mixed and matched because they totally can, which is just another added bonus to the Streamside offering.

The images come both in one 'easy to print' page and individually as a png file. I love that each set not only comes with a number of images but also with a number of sentiments too :)

Kinda Cute By Patricia

Kindacutebypatricia | Etsy

Perfect if you like: A one stop shop to find every type if image possible

There might possibly be nothing Patricia hasn't designed! Patricia has such an extensive Digi Stamp library that it might take your breath away. From critters to magical fairies to boys baking and a newly wedded couple dancing away the design possibilities are endless.

Aside from the variety of images Patricia offers, she also offers different styles of images. So whether you prefer more of a 'sketch-like' style or more of a 'polished' style, you will be covered.

Images come in png format.

Angie Blom

Angie Blom Digital Designs

Perfect if you like: Images of people and flowers

From beautiful flowers to beautiful people, I really love Angie's unique Digi Stamp style. Whilst I have yet to explore the world of colouring in people (I tend to craft with Critter designs) something about Angie's stamps really makes me want to delve into the world of more 'real-life' designs.

Angie also offers beautiful travel sceneries - think campfire in the woods or Route 66 desert road, so perfect for those who have the travel bug :)

Images come in jpeg format and ready A2 formats and Slimline formats (depending on stamp set).

Rachel Vass Designs

Rachel Vass Designs | Etsy

Perfect if you like: Flowers for all Seasons and all Occasions

Think of Rachel as the Queen of flower Digi Stamps. With such an array of beautiful flower stamps, Rachel will fulfil all your floral needs. What I also love are the wonderful sentiments Rachels images are accompanied by. They radiate so much positivity, making them perfect to create a card for someone who may need a bit of a boost.

Rachel offers her images in both 'black line' and 'no line' versions and images are provided both in individual and easy print format.

Goebie Design

Goebie Design | Etsy

Perfect if you like: Super cute cartoon critters and monsters

I absolutely adore Goebies adorable Digi Stamp designs. These critters radiate both happiness and craziness at the same time (maybe a little bit like me!). I really like the way Annett has designed the critters faces with their big eyes and goofy smiles :)

There is such a nice range of critters, from hippos to sea horses to alligators, that you are bound to find that one special image for that one special person.

Each set contains the image as an outline (PNG), as outline including mask (PNG) for combining several motifs on one arrangement as well as an outline with white background (jpg).

LTTS Doodles

LTTS Doodles | Etsy

Perfect if you like: Super cute critters

Ana has really come through leaps and bounds with her digital stamp offerings and I am so happy about it! The critters just have the cutest facial expressions that instantly make your heart melt.

You can see the evolution of Ana's design style, adding cleaner lines which helps when using a cutting machine, such as a Cricut to cut out the images.

Ana has a lovely variety of cute critters for all sorts of occasions. The stamps come in png format and come with both a black line and grey line version.

Alex Syberia

Alex Syberia Website

Perfect if you like: Floral Images and background panels

*Please note that Alex is currently moving platforms and her stamps will soon be available for purchase from the website link above.

Alex is another Queen of Floral stamps - I mean we can totally have more than one Queen of Florals! - and offers such a beautiful array of Floral images, as individual stamps but also as handy background panels. Whatever your favourite flower may be, you are bound to find it here beautifully designed and ready for you to get creative.

If flowers are not your thing, Alex also offers unique and quirky stamps - think converse shoes, smiling giraffe, Christmas jumpers, donuts - not all in one image! :)

*This is by no means an extensive list of all the digital stamp artists out there and I hope no one feels left out! If I haven't mentioned your amazing Digi Stamp company, please feel free to let me know in the comments below so that we can discover even more amazing artists :) The artists/companies mentioned have not endorsed or sponsored this post. All opinions are of my own :)

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